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​​​​Welcome to the website of Melbourne writer Judith Colquhoun.

Best known for her long career as a television script-writer and editor, Judith has in more recent years turned her attention away from the small screen. 

Television is a team sport; that’s what makes it so much fun, so creatively enriching and so exhausting. After several decades – and having had the good fortune to work with some of the best in the business – Judith thought it was time for a change. She found herself longing, if not for an attic, at least for a quiet place where such things as bad weather, tight budgets and tighter deadlines – not to mention some poor actor’s broken leg – were not her problem. 

Her first novel, Thicker Than Water, was published by Black Pepper Publishing in 2014. Her second novel, A Country Practice: Book 1: New Beginnings was published by Corazon Books in July 2015. Both novels are now available.​ 

Judith Colquhoun

​Australian writer and author

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A Country Practice: New Beginnings

by Judith Colquhoun

Based on the award-winning, international hit television series A Country Practice, this new series of novels follows the lives and loves of the rural community of Wandin Valley, South-Eastern Australia.  Judith won numerous Australian Writer's Guild awards while working on the show in the 1980s and 1990s, and wrote more episodes than any other writer.

A Country Practice on Amazon
Book 1: New Beginnings is available
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Thicker Than Water

by Judith Colquhoun

Writers and artists had come here for centuries but she was neither. She was not even seeking a new lover or running away from an old one. No, her mission was altogether different. And the fact that she came in a Boeing instead of a chariot drawn by griffins should not have encouraged anyone to doubt the seriousness of her purpose. Lucy was Nemesis. She had come to settle a very old score.


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